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Tax District. Each unique combination of taxing authorities constitutes a tax district. A list of the valid tax districts in Black Hawk County is available from the pulldown above. Your tax district is your city or township name followed by your school district .name. Tax Increment Finance districts are calculated at the same levy rate.

Classification. Real estate is classified as agricultural, residential, commercial or industrial.

Land, Dwelling, Building. These three property components are valued separately.

Homestead/Military Y or N: Enter a Y if you believe you are eligible for a homestead credit or a military exemption and an N if you are not.

Click here for Homestead Credit and Military Exemption Requirements

This is only an estimate based on the currently active tax rates and rollback. (The rollback is the calculation that determines how much of your property's assessed value is actually taxed.) The tax amount may also be adjusted because of partial exemptions and additional tax credits.

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