This website can be used to locate and display Real Estate Assessment and Tax Administration System information for properties within Black Hawk County. To select one of the search options click on that item at the top of this screen

Parcel ID Search: Search by the unique number that has been assigned to each parcel of land in the county based on its geographic location.

Address Search: Search by the property address of the parcel

Subdivision Search: Search by the subdivsion or addition name for platted parcels

Transfer Document Search: Search by the transfer documents that have officially been recorded in the Black Hawk County Recorder's office and are included in the Tax Administration system.

Using Map Tools: Once you have zoomed in on the map, you can select and identify parcels by simply pointing and clicking within the parcel boundary.

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Map Disclaimer: These maps do not represent a survey. No liability is assumed for the accuracy of the data delineated herein, either expressed or implied by Black Hawk County, the Black Hawk County Assessor or their employees. These maps are compiled from official records, including plats, surveys, recorded deeds, and contracts, and only contain information required for local government purposes. See the recorded documents for more detailed legal information.